Admin to Admin

Lisa Olsen and Stacy Leitner are right there with you!

As career-focused executive assistants working in the private and public sectors, we continue to make meaningful contributions taking our careers to new heights. We understand the world of the assistant at every level. We walk in your shoes and our workshops reflect our knowledge, experience and appreciation for the challenging and evolving role of the assistant.

We are an entrepreneurial dynamic duo committed to educating and empowering today’s workforce. We have created our own individual niche as in-demand trainers, college educators, authors, international presenters, board members, and bloggers before launching Admin to Admin. We have a passion for the career. Can you tell?

Our mission is simple. Our workshops focus on the topics that matter to you. Admin to Admin offers educational workshops and onsite customized training programs for today’s administrative professional looking for relevant and fresh content presented by trainers who understand what you do every day.

We would enjoy hearing from you. Join the thousands following us on social media and connect with us today!

We are hitting the road in 2017! Keep in touch. Or better yet, bring us on site to your company or attend a one day workshop or one of our educational and fun two day retreats.

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